Electronic music by Eric Lyon

Io, the innermost of Jupiterís four Galilean moons.



With the Cavebabble podcast taking over my life, updating this site has taken a back seat in the last year. I still manage to produce an albumís worth of music every twelve months, but every time Iím asked where people may hear a sample or two, Iím always saying, ďWell, there are a few older tunes on my siteÖĒ Which, of course, is great for a time capsule, but worthless when wanting to hear what Iím up to lately.

Iíve since updated the sample songs offered here, including three of my very latest tunes. If any of them sound as if they were pulled from a time capsule, itís a result of my abilities, not age!

In 1993, I started messing around with OctaMED on my Amiga. Following three years of 8-bit sample madness, I purchased a Yamaha MU-80 tone generator, and entered the world of MIDI. Between 1996 and 2006, I followed MED to the PC, and composed several CDs worth of music, slowly upgrading equipment along the way. In December of 07, I began using Orion 7 Platinum, a brilliant composition suite produced by Synapse.

Psionic (2009)

Cascade Effect (2008)

Transformation (2007-2008)

Made in Japan 2.0 (2006)

Made in Japan 1.0 (2005-2006)

Terraforma (2005)

Dyson Sphere (2003-2004)

Third Mind Control (2002)

Nemesis (2000)

Servo Oracle (1999)

Transmission (1998)

X (1996-1997)

Organic Life (1996)

A sampling of what Iím composing now:

Contact: Eric Lyon††††††††† eyeoh4@hotmail.com

All songs ©2009/2010 EyeOh/ioDigiworks

Latest songs from untitled project:



One of the favorite songs Iíve composed in the last year, Sundogging is a nice introduction to my current workĖ bouncy, upbeat, and hopefully fun.




Most of the glistening instruments debut before the 1:37 mark, but thereís nothing depressing to be found in the rest of this tune, either. Vintage keyboard tones mixed with a rather 8-bit† lead.



Tomorrow People

A friend requested a cover version of the theme from Tomorrow People. I wasnít familiar with it, and in looking it up, I confused the original theme with the one from the Ď90s revival. Long story short, this is the version I based my cover on. He was happy with the result, but one day Iíll tackle the original for him, as well.



From Psionic (2009):



A personal favorite, and currently the theme song for our Cavebabble podcast.



Binary Voices

Like a shuffling stroll through a cosmic park. Simple, nothing serious, with a nice beat.



If you enjoy odd video productions, please visit my YouTube page: